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Where parrots and mynahs are deliberating in chaste Sanskrit

whether Vedas are eternal (i.e. need no proof)  or

have to be proven with the help of other scriptures  and

disciples are singing the hymns,

is the abode of Mandan Mishra.

    ..........was the reply given to the great Shankara by a pitcher- woman when he inquired about the home of the great Indian philosopher of Mimansa, Pandit Mandan Mishra. Pt. Mishra was known to be a student of a mimansa scholar Kumarila Bhatta.

        Kandaha Surya Mandir is situated in Pastwar Panchayat of Mahishi Block. It is at nearly 16kms west from Saharsa district headquarter.

        On the way to Tarasthan, Mahishi, it is located at nearly 3kms north from Gorho Ghat Chowk.

        Here in Kandaha, the magnificent idol of Surya Bhagwan riding on seven horsed chariot, has been carved on a single granite slab. At the door of the sanctum sanctorum(garbh grih), there are inscriptions which a deciphered by historians, confirm that this sun temple was built during the period of king Narsimha Deo of Karnata dynasty who ruled over Mithila in the 14th century. It is said that a brutal Mughal emperor named Kalapahad had damaged the temple which was however renovated by the famous saint poet  Laxminath Gosai .


 The tantric Scholars and devotees attach much significance to this Chandi temple, which is said to form an equilateral triangle (TRIK) WITH Katyayani temple near Dhamhara ghat and Tara temple at Mahishi. During the Navratra people from distant places visit the village to offer prayers to the goddess of power.





There is a grave of Madho Singh on an earthen mound about 50 feet high. Madho Singh had become a martyr in the battle of Ladri Ghat. Offerings are made on he rave both by Hindus and Muslims.

The construction of Rakta Kali temple and an oval shaped temple with 64 deities (known as 64- Yogini) engraved  on the inner walls of temple, attracts devotees from far-off places. The Bihar Government has  established  a  beautiful  tourist complex at this place.




HISTORY OF  SAHARSA District    Saharsa District Map    Railway Map   Important Places